About Flushing Women’s Club

Flushing Women’s Club members provide many services in the community. We read to first graders at the elementary schools, host pictures with Santa during the Flushing Candle Walk, host the Flushing High School Holiday Craft Bazaar, provide treat bags and activities at Harvest Fest, and plant flowers downtown and in the park! We host several fundraisers a year so that we can support our local charities and schools as well as perform various community services.

We serve the Flushing Community by providing funds and resources to the schools, parks, and for at-risk women and children. We host several fundraisers a year and participate in community events such as Harvest Fest, Candle Walk, and Summer Fest.

Helping students go back to school at the Raider Rally
Our famous “Art in the Park” – 1st Saturday in June at Riverview Park
We provide the beautiful plants and flowers for downtown Flushing.